Inspired for Discovery

One of the great privileges of Christian education is to provide students with opportunities to reach their highest, God-given potential. At Seacoast, our students flourish in an atmosphere of encouragement taking intellectual risks and discovering the extent of their gifts and abilities. The scope of grade-level and school-wide activities opens a world of possibilities extending from the class curriculum, athletic competition, and community service.

Providing opportunities for students to grow in areas outside of the classroom including arts and athletics. The SCA family is committed to the spiritual formation of children, so we partner with parents to promote the best educational environment that honors the application of God’s Word in a personal, relevant way.

Inspired for Service

At SCA, we believe that a life of character begins with service. Through on-going class service projects, our students experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with meeting the needs of others. Serving at the Ronald McDonald House, tutoring students, and working in the mission field are a few of the options our students have to gain authentic experiences. Seacoast is dedicated to helping students to enrich their own lives as they reach out to others.

Inspired for Achievement

The faculty and administration of Seacoast Christian Academy understand the essential role of the larger community in encouraging students to achieve personal and academic success. Partnering with parents is vital to the mission of our school. The regular involvement of parents with our students and school is an important element of life at SCA. This relationship allows us to ensure regular communication, cooperation, and connection. When parents, teachers, and administrators have a harmonious relationship, children feel that support and individual achievement and their confidence soars.